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Name:C. C.
Birthdate:Sep 24

I'm Cecilia, although people mostly call me Celia because they don't hear the middle syllable :/

I'm a college student, studying graphs (aka econ) and legal studies. I work at a law firm during the week, where I scoop cat poop- no really. I actually do this do really important things.


In my journal, I'll be talking about:

Annie, my younger sister. I love her more than anything else in the woooorld! She's funny.

Sundae, my white cotton ball of a dog. He's fat.

Jeff, my amazing engineering boyfriend of almost three years who's very engineering-y (meaning: he now only wears sweatpants and northface. He's currently completing a psychology questionnaire, a requirement for one of our classes, and LITERALLY just asked me this: "Celia... do I lack self-confidence? You always say I do... How often? Sometimes? Always? Almost never?").

I'll also be talking about 7core, a close-knit group of best friends :)